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How do the imitation dealers work?

• Any dealer selling replica Tiffany is on the wrong side of the law; as they are infringing on the creative works of another without appropriate consent and contracts. Again, it is not that the counterfeit dealers are not aware of the illegal nature of their work; they knowingly defy law and betray the consumers. A lot of such dealers have also been found to be associated with other malpractices as income tax fraud and identity fraud. This money might be diverted to funding gang rule or even terrorists. It should be known that when you buy replica Tiffany goods from these dealers you not only dupe yourself by buying the cheap product but also endorse crime that can be harmful to the entire human society.

• Have you ever thought how the seller of replica Tiffany jewelry manages to sell things to you at such low prices? He is surely not cutting his profits. He does so by reducing the cost of manufacturing the goods. These cuts begin with the raw material quality and end at cheap labor. They usually hire untrained and unskilled workers who are in dire need of money and pay them peanuts. These workers might also be small children in clear violation of the labor rules. All this ultimately leads to a compromise in quality. Now it might not be so difficult to understand why the replica Tiffany items delivered to your doorstep are so poorly finished.