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How do we stop them?

• Tiffany has bore the brunt of these counterfeiters for too long and has decided to bring down their replica Tiffany operations by enlisting your support. It has invested both time and money in order to put an end to this business. The primary beneficiary of this act of Tiffany is going to be the consumer. At Tiffany, they believe that by enlightening the customer through these websites, this whole illegal and unfair business can be stopped. In order to always buy original Tiffany jewelry and not replica Tiffany jewelry, make sure that you only visit the official Tiffany webpage or take a trip to the Tiffany store nearest to you. Tiffany wants to ensure that you get the real product that you can like and adore the way a piece of art deserves to be adored.

• If you come across a replica Tiffany website, please let Tiffany know. They are tirelessly working to identify the fake dealers and deactivate their websites using the legal route. Tiffany sincerely hopes this will safeguard the interests of the online shoppers and save them from the sellers of replica Tiffany products. To reiterate, please visit the official website of Tiffany for online purchases. If you prefer seeing things before buying them, you will be pleased with the in-store experience at any of the Tiffany outlets.

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